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What I've done


I started my career in non-profit programs and fundraising, and then got my MBA at Santa Clara University and made the transition into tech. 

I was employee 11,  the first woman, and first marketer at a startup called Zoom. I spent the next decade evolving from an early-stage marketing jill-of-all-trades to a leader, building and running a world-class communications organization for one of the world's most valuable brands. 

As Head of Communications for Zoom, I led our media relations; social media; content; customer advocacy/storytelling; and executive, internal, and strategic (crisis and corporate event) communications.

I owned the communications strategy through every major milestone and transition of the company during my tenure, including funding rounds, IPO, acquisitions, partnerships, investments, product and campaign launches, executive transitions, re-orgs, COVID-era expansion, and high-profile litigation.

I now advise technology companies of all stages as they build their communications programs. I also teach a course on communications for Stanford Continuing Studies. I'm based in Carmel, CA.

How I help

Here's a few ways I help my clients:

  • Building and scaling a communications and brand organization

    • Resources -- agency selection, hiring, team structure, tech stack

    • Strategies for PR, content, social media, advertising, internal comms, and more

    • Creating an organization charter, cadence, calendar, and KPIs

  • Providing holistic communications approaches for company milestones, as well as challenging or complex situations

    • Announcing funding rounds and product launches

    • IPO strategy and public-company readiness

    • Crisis communications

    • Re-orgs and executive transitions

  • Developing company positioning , messaging, and brand identity

    • Your value, differentiators, services and products; tailoring your messaging by audience

    • Process -- messaging structure, stakeholder engagement

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